Unconventional Prize for Salmon Thrusted Rocket Experiment with Altitude Measurement

1         Summary

This details the requirements and prize to be awarded to the first student project to build and fly an amateur rocket vehicle using liquid oxygen (LOX) and brined/cured salmon (Lox) as its primary propellants.

2         Prize

The first team to achieve powered flight on an amateur rocket while meeting the below requirements, shall be entitled to the following winnings:

  • The private key to a Bitcoin wallet containing a minimum of 0.05BTC
  • One pack of Dogfish Head Midas Touch beer (or non-alcoholic substitute beverage of equal or lesser value)
  • One salmon-themed trophy
  • Two dozen New York bagels, courtesy of Ben Garelick

3         Requirements

3.1        Team

The project team shall be majority composed of students enrolled full-time at an accredited university, community college, or junior college. Students who meet the criteria at the time of joining a qualifying project are not disqualified if the launch occurs after their graduation date.

3.2        Deadline

The project shall complete its competition-entry launch no later than July 27th 2022.

3.3        Safety

To qualify, teams shall comply with all applicable local fire regulations, Federal Aviation Regulations, and the safety standards and protocols of their academic organization.

3.4        Altitude

The vehicle shall achieve a minimum altitude of 1000 ft (304.8 m) as measured by a PerfectFlite APRA altimeter or equivalent device.

3.5        Propulsion

The vehicle shall be propelled to the required altitude (including post-burnout coast) using a hybrid rocket motor or liquid bipropellant engine employing the propellants from 3.6 and 3.7.

3.6        Fuel

The rocket shall use a fuel comprising a minimum of 75% brined, smoked, or cured salmon by mass. The fuel salmon content may be mechanically modified (blended, pulverized, ground) and additives may be used to create a solid fuel grain or free-flowing slurry, but the fuel shall use complete, edible salmon, and shall not modify the salmon content by partial component extraction or chemical reaction. Dehydrating or dessicating the salmon to remove water content is exempt from this restriction.

3.7        Oxidizer

The rocket shall use liquid oxygen as its oxidizer.

3.8        Ignition

The rocket shall demonstrate ignition and sustained combustion of the salmon-based fuel.

Contact Information: For entries and inquiries about the competition, please contact loxloxrocket@gmail.com